Thank you for using MITUDOU.

1.Can I still shop at MITUDOU? Does MITUDOU still deliver?

Yes, MITUDOU is still accepting orders and shipping. However, delivery may take longer than usual. In addition, please be careful not to use the address of a facility (such as a school) that may be closed or closed as the delivery address.

2. What is the delivery status of the ordered products? Can I change the delivery address?

You can check the delivery status in your order history. You can change the delivery address from your order history before shipping preparations. If you order multiple items, the delivery date and time and order history may be divided into multiple items.

3.Can I return the product?

yes. MITUDOU continues to accept returns.

4. Why is my shipment taking longer than usual?

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, more and more customers are shopping online.
Therefore, it may take longer than usual to deliver.

5.Is it safe to receive the goods?

Please refer to the guidance of each shipping company regarding the delivery of shipped items.